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Egypt is the largest industrial base in the MENA region and the plastics industry in particular, is growing steadily and becoming increasingly modernised.

With its 100+ million population, Egypt has the largest polymer market in Africa, accounting for over 20% of demand in 2017. Its polymer consumption is estimated at 2 million tonnes with per capita consumption of 21.8 kg/head.

Investments in the plastics industry in Egypt in 2016 was $7.8 bn, growth will remain in line with the average for Africa. It is expected to accelerate up to 7.4% per year, which will push consumption up towards 2.8 million tonnes by 2022.


Egypt’s plastics market consists of 70% imports and 30% domestics resources

The Egyptian Government aims to invest $1.2 bn to develop 11 new petrochemical projects between 2020-2023 in the region

The MENA region is well poised to become the global petrochemical hub with almost USD 34 billion petrochemicals projects are under execution

Over 550,000 people are employed in the plastics industry in Egypt

The MENA region’s plastics industry total market volume is $67 bn