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The Gateway to promote your “AI”, “IoT” & “Robotics Solutions” for the plastics Industry.

According to statistics released by the EUROMAP, the number of sold injection moulding machines equipped with robots rose from 18% to 32% in the last 10 years. 

Plastics industry is witnessing a rising demand to reduce costs, conserve energy and simplify production and manufacturing process. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are the key drivers meeting this demand, enhancing productivity and ensuring quality control.

Fostering digital transformation in the plastics industry, PLASTEX 2024 will be hosting a dedicated  Industry 4.0 Zone. An essential building blocks for the industry to embark on its transformation journey. ​Join over 30,000 professionals and be part of shaping the future of plastics industry in MENA region at Egypt’s international plastics exhibition.  


Supporting sustainable companies and addressing the challenges concerning recycling Plastics waste, PLASTEX has introduced a new Recycling zone providing an opportunity to new entrepreneurs and established companies to share and discuss their recycling methods and technologies.


The plastics industry is constantly innovating and improving production and waste management in the plastics packaging sector. PLASTEX will be launching a new zone highlighting sustainability, flexible packaging and cutting edge solutions for the packaging industry.


Fostering digital transformation in the plastics industry, PLASTEX will be hosting a dedicated Industry 4.0 Zone. An essential building block for the industry to embark on its transformative journey and achieve greater efficiency and improved cost-effectiveness.


The rubber industry is an important resource-based industry sector in the world. It has witnessed steady and strong growth over the years. Providing more insights on the latest innovation and solutions for the rubber industry,  PLASTEX will be hosting an exclusive zone in the upcoming edition.